With you on the road

Due to our constant Research and Development work on oils, we have created products that ensure excellent performance and engine life for all types of engines. These range from simple mopeds to high performance cars, from powerful diesel engines to tractors and even huge electric motors used to drive ships.

Multifunctional oil for tractors suitable for the lubrication of transmissions, hydraulics, PTO, wet brakes and wet clutches, final drives, differentials. Not suitable where the manufacturer requires performance API GL-5. The product is specifically formulated to meet the technical requirements of JOHN DEERE vehicles; its viscosity characteristics make it suitable even when a multigrade 10W-30 oil is required.

Technical profile
Product code: 007390
Name: ROTRA JD/F 80W
Gradient: SAE 80W
Description: -
Specifications, approval, compatibility: API GL-4 | CATERPILLAR TO-2 | ALLISON C4 | MASSEY-FERGUSON M-1135 | FORD M2C-134 D | MS 1206 | JOHN DEERE J 20 C | MASSEY-FERGUSON M-1141 | FORD M2C-86 B | MASSEY-FERGUSON M-1143 | FORD M2C-86 C | ZF TE-ML-03 E | KUBOTA UDT | J. I. Case | ZF TE-ML-06 K | FNHA-C-201 | VOLVO WB 101 (AWB AXLES) | MASSEY-FERGUSON M-1145 | CASE NEW HOLLAND MAT 3525 | CASE MS 1207 | CASE MS 1210 | ZF TE-ML 17E | KOMATSU KES 07.866
Applications: Mechanical transmissions | Differentials | Agriculture | Oilbath brakes and clutches