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eni i-RIDE MOTOGP 10W-60

Due to our constant Research and Development work on oils, we have created products that ensure excellent performance and engine life for all types of engines. These range from simple mopeds to high performance cars, from powerful diesel engines to tractors and even huge electric motors used to drive ships.

This is a completely synthetic oil made from the very best base oils and additives that technology can offer. It has been specifically designed for high performance four-stroke engines. The special synthetic base oils we use ensure superb resistance to high operating temperatures and excellent stability thanks to the key role played by our specifically developed additives. These characteristics make this product especially suitable for use in competition.

Technical profile
Product code: 005286
Name: eni i-RIDE MOTOGP 10W-60
Gradient: 10W-60
Description: -
Specifications, approval, compatibility: JASO MA | JASO MA2 | API SG
Applications: -