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Due to our constant Research and Development work on oils, we have created products that ensure excellent performance and engine life for all types of engines. These range from simple mopeds to high performance cars, from powerful diesel engines to tractors and even huge electric motors used to drive ships.

Fully synthetic lubricant for use in gear boxes and differentials of most modern cars and trucks. It offers exceptional corrosion resistance and thermo-oxidative stability and thereby meets the strictest requirements of the manufacturers for oil draining extended intervals.

Technical profile
Product code: 001271
Name: ROTRA LSX 75W-90
Gradient: SAE 75W-90
Description: Oil for gears, differentials and mechanical transmissions.
Specifications, approval, compatibility: API GL-4 | API GL-5 | MIL-PRF-2105-E | API MT-1 | MACK GO-J | MB 235.8 | SCANIA STO 1-0 | ZF TE-ML-07 A | ZF TE-ML-02 B | ZF TE-ML-12 B | ZF TE-ML-05 B | ZF TE-ML-16 F | ZF TE-ML-17 B | SAE J 2360 | ZF TE-ML-19 C | MAN M 3343 Typ S | MAN 341 E3 | ZF TE-ML-21 B
Applications: Mechanical transmissions