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eni i-BASE 15W-40

Due to our constant Research and Development work on oils, we have created products that ensure excellent performance and engine life for all types of engines. These range from simple mopeds to high performance cars, from powerful diesel engines to tractors and even huge electric motors used to drive ships.

"eni i-Base 15W-40 is a general-purpose oil formulated with top quality mineral oils suitable for spark-ignition and car diesel engines even when operating under the severest conditions involving, for instance, high-temperature motorway driving or low-temperature stop-go or taxi-service driving in towns. "

Technical profile
Product code: 001033
Name: eni i-BASE 15W-40
Gradient: SAE 15W-40
Description: Olio motore per autovetture.
Specifications, approval, compatibility: VW 501.01 | VW 505.00 | MB 229.1 | API CF | API SL | ACEA B3-04 | ACEA A3/B4-04
Applications: -