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eni i-Sint MS 5W-40

Due to our constant Research and Development work on oils, we have created products that ensure excellent performance and engine life for all types of engines. These range from simple mopeds to high performance cars, from powerful diesel engines to tractors and even huge electric motors used to drive ships.

eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 is a quality synthetic “mid SAPS” (MS) lubricant specifically formulated to lubricate gasoline or Diesel engines of cars which require lubricants of the newest technology. These lubricants are to meet new performance specifications from relevant OEMs, to reduce exhaust pollutants in combination with DPF and comply with the latest emission legislation.

Technical profile
Product code: 001022
Name: eni i-Sint MS 5W-40
Gradient: SAE 5W-40
Description: -
Specifications, approval, compatibility: VW 505.00 | VW 502.00 | VW 505.01 | BMW LONGLIFE 04 | MB 229.51 | ACEA C3 | PORSCHE A40 | ACEA A3/B4-04 | API SN
Applications: -