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Over the years the formula of Eni fuels has evolved at the same pace as the engine technology developed by car manufacturers, to guarantee continuous best performance in the field and compliance with all applicable European regulations. More


At Eni outlets, you can find a wide range of fuels: regular unleaded petrol, Blue Super+, regular diesel, BluDiesel+, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas or methane). For years we have focused our attention on the development of premium and high performance products obtained with the most modern refining techniques and additives with detergent molecules especially developed in line with the technological evolution of fuel systems, to ensure the removal of deposits and the optimisation of engine performance.
This explains the addition of BluDiesel+ and BluSuper+ to our line of products, fuels which add to the high value of traditional Eni fuels, as well as excellent detergent properties, a significant reduction in emissions and greater energy efficiency. In diesel engines, the formula of Blue Diesel+ ensures low fuel consumption and a high cleaning capacity for the injection system, reducing the environmental impact and optimising performance.
In petrol engines, Blue Super+, thanks to the high octane level, improves engine performance and helps to maintain optimal emission levels. In the winter, selected service stations are supplied with special alpine diesel, which provide better resistance to cold, to ensure optimal performance even in the coldest weather.