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Eni fuels formulas have always evolved as fast as motor technologies developed by engine manufactures, in order to guarantee the best field performances and, at the same time, the compliance with European fuel quality and emission regulations. More


A wide range of fuels is available at eni’s retail stations: regular unleaded gasoline, BluSuper+, regular diesel, BluDiesel+, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). We have constantly been oriented towards high performance premium products which are obtained by using the best refining processes and technologies. All premium products are treated with special detergent additives which are upgraded as soon as the injection system technologies are updated; in this way it’s possible to guarantee a constant removal of deposits and the optimization of engine performances. This tendency towards innovation has determined the introduction of BluDiesel+ and BluSuper+ into our products line: these fuels, in addition to the high quality that characterizes regular eni fuels too, allow a better cleaning effect and, in the meantime, help in improving fuel economy and decreasing atmospheric emissions. In diesel engines, BluDiesel+ contributes to lower the fuel consumption and allows a better cleaning effect on the engine injection system retaining the level of engine performances over the vehicle life, limiting the emissions due to the fuel combustion process and reducing the cost for maintenance. In gasoline engines, BluSuper+ thanks to its high Octane Number, improves engine performances and supports in cutting exhaust emission levels. Moreover BluSuper+ offers a significant power increase without fuel consumption penalties. In winter season, selected eni’s retail stations distribute special alpine diesel fuels which provide higher resistance to low temperature and therefore ensuring optimal performances as startability and driveability, even in the coldest weather conditions.