• with the you & eni card you
    get 15 € of fuel free!
    Until March 31, performs at least 3 supplies of 30lt
    and enjoy the promo. Also a bonus points equal to 5€
    of free fuel for the new you&eni program.
  • the new program full of
    surprises is coming!

    Meanwhile, use your you&eni card to get up to 15 €
    fuel Free with the new promo.
  • take a pause and enjoya
    cheap and tasty break

    Until the 28 February 2015, with your eni shop 24 rechargeable card,
    you can get hot beverages and snacks at special prices, 24 hours a day.

The you&eni points collection is finished. You can request your premiums by 28 February.

The you&eni points collection is ended on January 31. By February 28 , you can rescue the prizes that you&eni and its prestigious partners , reserve you: from high technology , to the gifts for the children and a lot of free fuel to go everywhere you like .

Find your service station

Find out the welcome and facilities of our eni estation.

Discover the automatic serving machine, practical, fast and always available in eni station.


In our eni station you can find the eni shop 24, the chain of drinks and snacks and personal care vending machine designed to give yourself a break and rate comfortable and fast purchases when you want, 24 hours 24.

Together to bring you great emotions and a thousand benefits.


Holders of the new you&eni cards have a dedicated portal where they can buy tickets for big events with exclusive discounts and lost of bonus points.